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To make your life that bit easier, Olympic Oven Cleaning have a range of products available for your oven and extractor, ranging from Oven De-Greaser to Extractor Bulbs and what we consider all other 'must have' items in between.


All you need to do is email your requirements to us at sales@olympicovencleaning.co.uk. We will need a code and requirement (number of items) and we will deliver to your door... simple!!! Remember to give us your postcode, and if you aren't in, a preferred drop off point (e.g. behind bin etc.).

Olympic De-Greaser 200ml

A food industry safe universal cleaner and degreaser concentrate designed to dissolve and float away the toughest grim and leave a spotless finish. Simply spray into the oven after use and wipe clean.

Ideal for removing food oils, fats, blood, dirt, industrial oils and grease from a multitude of services.

Code: OLYDEG250

£4.50 per 200ml

Oven Seals

If heat is escaping from your oven and you're finding that your food is taking longer to cook than normal, then you may need to replace your door oven seal.

Seals or gaskets as they are sometimes referred to, provide a tight barrier between your cooker, oven or hob parts to prevent leakages and damage. As each seal is individual to make and manufacturer, we'll require your oven type, model and serial number.


£ On request (type, model and serial number required)

Heavy Duty Oven Liners

These are mats/liners that are placed near the bottom of the oven when cooking to catch falling food. Oven mats or liners are usually made of food-grade silicone, which is non-stick and heat tolerant. The Teflon grade is resistant to 260°C and can be cleaned in a dishwasher or simply on a flat service with a non-scratch cloth. We sell the Heavy Duty Thick Liners, not be confused with the thinner alternatives available elsewhere.


£9.99 per sheet (40cm x 50cm)

Metal Extractor Filters

If unpleasant odours are building up every time you cook, it may be necessary to replace the filter in your cooker hood which enables these to be eradicated. This filter is specifically designed to remove the grease which has built up after having cooked a meal. These metal filters have a weave of metal strands which cool the air passing through the filter that allow the tiny deposits of grease to be trapped within the weave of the filter.


£9.99 (250mm x 300mm, other sizes available)

Oven Bulb Glass Covers

Has your oven bulb glass cover cracked or fallen off? If your oven bulb is now exposed to the full heat of the cooker, it may not last much longer! Your oven manufacturer is probably asking silly money for a replacement glass lens or worse, a full light fitting. We can supply your glass cover, all we need is your oven type, model and serial number.


From £19.00 (type, model and serial number required)

Oven Shelves

Damaged the wire rack shelf for your oven by accident? Or is it looking old and worn out? Well, why not replace it today? These spare shelves might be ideal for bringing your oven back to its best. You'll be tackling those great meals again in no time.


£ Prices vary dependent on type (type, model and serial number required)

Oven Control Knobs

There is no need to put up with a broken or faulty oven control knob, so put away the pliers and get it replaced using this replacement. You could soon have your cooker looking and working like new again!


£ Prices vary dependent on type (type, model and serial number required)

Silicone Pyramid Oven Mat

Pyramid shaped red silicone bake mat. Oil and grease free cooking with this reusable, non-stick, non-toxic, high-temperature, easy to use, easy to clean, microwave safe mat.

Material: Food Grade Silicone
Temperature Resistance: +230°C


£6.50 (280mm x 400mm)

Oven Bulbs

These high quality bulbs have been manufactured to a temperature rating of 300°C, so are safe to use in domestic ovens. We would require type, model and serial number of your oven as some bulbs differ.


£4.50 (type, model and serial number required)

Extractor Bulbs

Universal cooker hood lamps designed to fit many different cooker hood models.


£3.50 each

Oven Grill Pans

Hard wearing enamel grill pans with chrome racks and removable handles


£ Prices vary dependent on oven type (type, model and serial number required)

Material Extractor Filters

If you've found the grease filter for your cooker hood is in need of changing, we can help. Our universal filter is suitable for most cooker hoods and easy to replace, leaving you comfortable in the knowledge that your filter is as hygienic as possible.


£6.00 each


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